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Legacy NorVise Stainless

Legacy NorVise Stainless

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2018 was a bit of a transition for Norvise. As Norm stepped aside and Tim assumed the company’s reins, we wanted something to celebrate the legacy that Norm had built over the past 20+ years. However, we also wanted something to combat the challenge of the “patina” that will eventually show up on the brass hardware of the standard Norvise


Enter the Norvise Legacy...

We replaced all Brass hardware with high-quality 303 Stainless Steel. Stainless is a great medium to work with; it is stable and will never discolor or rust. In comparison, the look and character of aged brass on the Standard Vise suits some, others like their tools to remain clean and bright. If you prefer clean, bright, and shiny, then the Norvise Legacy is the vise for you.  



Norvise offers five rotary fly tying jaws: The Standard Inline Jaws, Large Saltwater Jaws, the Fine Point Jaws, the Tube Fly System, and our newest addition, the Shank Jaws.


The Legacy Fly Tying Vise comes with our most popular and versatile configuration in 303 Stainless Steel: Standard Size Hub, Standard Inline Jaws, a matching Thread Post, mounting hardware, Allen wrench, set-up and operating instructions, and an hour-long instructional video by the inventor of the Norvise, Norm Norlander.

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