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Magpie Materials Wild Turkey Biots
  • Magpie Materials Wild Turkey Biots

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    These biots are dyed by a fellow fly tyer. They are premium quality biots that are not brittle like the ones available by the big companies. In fact, I have intentionally tried to break them while wrapping, and they just don’t break. I have taken the time to cut out the webby junk from the base of each biot strip. Each pack only contains premium, useful biots. Each color pack has at least one right side and one left side biot strip, so you are assured the get the right biots for wrapping smooth side or fuzzy side. Many very long biots that will easily wrap a size 12 2xl dry fly hook, such as a TMC 5212. Some are as long as a Polish peacock quill. The short ones are equally great for tails and antennae on stonefly nymph patterns and for bodies on small dries. Colors available at this time are Green Drake, Rusty Spinner, PMD yellow, Grey Drake, Brown Drake, and Olive Dun. I use these for dry fly bodies and nymph bodies. These turkey biots have a definite black line and color variegation that makes for an exquisite fly.

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