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Ringneck Pheasant Rump Patch

Ringneck Pheasant Rump Patch

Excluding Sales Tax

These are full patches off the of the Ringneck Pheasant. The patch comes with all of of the feather lengths that you need to tie any size of wet fly. 

SKU: 210-100
  • Color Options

    210-100- Natural
    210-103- Yellow
    210-104-FL. Chart./Insect Green (uv)
    210-108- Olive
    210-114- Galloup's Brown Olive
    ​210-116- Purple
    ​210-122- Heron Gray
    210-130- Hot Orange
    210-133- Maroon Wine
    210-136- Black
    210-137- Brown
    ​210-141- Dark Turquoise (KFB)
    210-148- FL. Steelhead Orange (uv)
    210-160- FL. Hot Pink (uv)
    210-167- FL. Steelhead Pink (uv)
    210-185- Bonefish Tan (bleached)
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