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Standard Rotary NorVise

Standard Rotary NorVise

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Unbeatable Fly Tying Vises by Norvise

As experienced fly tiers know, the revolutionary rotary fly tying vise by Norvise has advantages over other rotary vises. The benefits Norvise provides are what makes our vise a tool of both art and science — yielding a lifetime of fly tying success.


Centerline Perfection

Norvise positions the hook on a perfect rotational centerline, allowing you to spin the hook, replacing tiresome hand-over-hand wrapping. Then, with the hook's shank always aligned to the center, the material is “turned” or “spun” onto the hook; this provides a tier less labor time and is a frustration saver.


Body Material, Hackle, and Dubbing

Precision ball bearing and heavy brass hubs enable Norvise to work like a spinning wheel for the world’s most fluid dubbing, creating perfectly shaped and textured bodies. Working thread, other body materials, and hackles are applied better, faster, and easier than any other method.


Other Configurations

The Norvise system accommodates several configurations — all quickly and easily mounted onto the vise arbor. These configurations will handle nearly any fly tying situation — from tiny, delicate trout flies to large saltwater patterns — each different “configuration” excels in specific applications.


Norvise offers five rotary fly tying jaws: The Standard Inline Jaws, Large Saltwater Jaws, the Fine Point Jaws, the Tube Fly System, and our latest addition, the Shank Jaws.


The Norvise - Fly Tying Vise comes with our most popular and versatile configuration: Standard Size Brass Hubs, Standard Inline Jaws, a matching Thread Post, mounting hardware, Allen wrench, set-up and operating instructions, and an hour-long instructional video by the inventor of the Norvise, Norm Norlander.


To expand your Norvise’s fly tying capabilities to tie large saltwater flies, tube flies, or much smaller flies, like dry flies and nymphs, extra small stuff, simply click to add the jaw that best suits your tying style to your cart. There is no need to purchase another vise.

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